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Hi there, thank you for dropping by. My name is Stephanie and I am a female travel and photography enthusiast from Australia. Here, you can buy high quality, professionally printed giclee and photographic prints of my photos. I travel as much as I can and often travel solo, hence the name of my website. I am always looking to add new photos to my gallery.

My photos are an honest and authentic representation of my personal travel experience and never excessively edited. Photography should be just that: photography, a way to capture and showcase a genuine travel experience using a camera. Unlike many other photographers, I do not compose fake composites. I do not add non-existent sunrise or sunlight or artificial colours. Most of my work is done in-camera, and I guarantee that every photo on my site is an authentic and honest experience of places around the world that I have personally been to. Your purchase means a lot to me, I look forward to delighting you with my prints and I thank you for supporting an independent photographer.
- Stephanie


Be sure to check out my travel blog too at Travel maker is my middle name where I write reviews and tips about the places I have been to.
When I am not travelling, I also provide portrait photography shoots.


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