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Areas covered: Sydney metro areas, Parramatta, Ryde, Blacktown

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Are you selling a property and need floor plans and real estate photography?
We provide 24 hour turn around on most floor plans and photography jobs and have various tiers of prices and packages with optional add-ons so you only pay for what you need. Great for private sellers, Air BnB owners, independent real estate agents and major real estate agents alike! Book now here!


What is a "space"?
For our purposes, a space is any usable and/or livable area, indoors or outdoors. See below for what spaces are included in our standard services.

What spaces do our prices include?
Because the size and complexity of houses vary greatly, and to ensure that you only pay for what you need, the basic price is for houses up to 2 bedrooms and includes all standard rooms present in most houses, ie:
•all bedrooms, up to 2 bedrooms (study inclusive)
•living and dining rooms (where dining area is combined with either a living room or kitchen, it is counted as one room)
•one bathroom

but NOT extra rooms and special features such as rumpus, home gyms etc. If you have an extra large property, please discuss your needs with us. If your property falls into the criteria above, there are no extra charges. All additional rooms have extra but reasonable charges.

We provide high resolution still images and photography services for real estate sales and property use. A photographer will come to your property and takes photos of the interior and exterior. We can discuss your needs with you whether you are the property owner or the real estate agent. The photos are ready in 24 hours from the time the shoot is finished. The high resolution images are sent to you via an online link for you to download. We can resize images for you at no extra cost for you to use them on your website, billboards or flyers.

How long does the shoot take?
This will depend on many factors. Usually each session should take no more than an hour for a 3 bedroom house (each space is photographed at least once. However, if you would like twilight shoots, this may require us to visit your property a second time, or extend the shoot duration of one shoot, will take longer and thus cost more.

Please note: The only type of post processing and editing of photos we will do are those that would not alter factual states of the property, such as: rotating the image to straighten the photo, changing the brightness or darkness where needed, changing the colour of the sky, removal of reflections where needed but NOT any kind of alteration of anything that buyers will receive with the purchase of the property, that will change the impression it may give to potential buyers such as: changing views from the property, changing colour and state of the garden, colour and state of all walls and floor/ground coverings.


Standard Day time shoots: $100 + $10 per final photo

Twilight only shoots: $150 + $10 per final photo

Standard daytime + separate twilight shoot: A separate additional re-visit fee of $100 applies to cover peak hour traffic transport and time, otherwise $170 +$10 per photo for one visit starting at about 1 hour before twilight/sunset till end of shoot.

We provide 24 hour turn around on most real estate floor plans. We can come to you and measure your property for you, then turn it into a 2D black and white floor plan for you in 24 hours. Optional extras are available at a small surcharge depending on the feature you want. Textured/Rendered 3D floor plans also available. Basic price is for standard house as described above. Site plan and garage is included in the price.

Redraw service
Do you have an old floor plan you would like re-drawn but don't need an onsite measure? Check out our cheap no frills floor plan service below! (old floor plan must be of acceptable quality for us to reproduce it, measurements and features like doors and windows must be clearly visible) Room names and dimensions are included for all draw types.

Please note: The price is for per floor plan. If your property is more than one level and therefore requires more than one floor plan, there is an extra fee per floor plan, see table below.


Service Price Cost per extra space(?)
Onsite Measure and BW floor plan $75 + $20 per floor plan/level $5

No frills black and white floor plan re-draw only (one free colour for text etc is available at request) $55 $2

Optional extras and others

Basic coloured floor plan +$10 each floor plan

Furniture (BW) +$2.5 per room

Coloured rendered 2D floor plan (including furniture) $20 per floor plan

3D Rendered floor plan axonometric view only (not 3D model of entire house) including furniture $20 per image

Black and white floor plan with optional coloured text

Black and white floor plan of unit

Basic colour floor plan

Coloured floor plan of unit