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Parties and events covered: include but not limited to: birthdays, small private parties at home, baby showers, work parties, and private functions.

Please note I do NOT do weddings and christenings/church/baptisms. Engagement/pre-wedding couple and family shoots are by arrangement, however I advise you to use your wedding photographer to also do your engagement/pre-wedding shoot for album consistency and as a sample of your chosen photographer's services and styles.


First, send an enquiry for a quote to discuss your needs, site for shooting etc or to book a standard package.

After your booking date is confirmed to be available, a contract will be sent to you to sign. The contract must be signed before any jobs are started. A minimum deposit of the full price is also required to confirm your shooting session slot. This can be paid via online bank transfer, BeemIt or Paypal or cash at a pre-shooting consultation, by arrangement. The remaining amount can be paid in cash on the day of shooting on arrival or by online banking within 3 business days after the event.

Payment and fees:
Deposits can be made via PayPal, BeemIt, Bank transfer. Remaining payment can be paid be any of the previous methods as well as cash.
Please note: Parties starting after or running through meal times without catering provided will be charged an extra $30 per photographer for food, and parties ending after 8pm will incur an extra minimum of $50 travel fee regardless of location. For example, if your party is from 6pm to 9pm, and does not cater dinner for the photographer, the total cost will be a minimum of $900 + $30 + $50 = $980 AUD.

After the shoot:
You will receive your photos via an online download link 1-2 weeks after the remainder of the fee is paid, depending on the number of photos taken. Unless otherwise stated, package fees are charged for the shooting session and not per photo, so you will get a final download link for all photos rather than a preview gallery to choose from. Thus photo processing will not start until the remainder of the fee is paid.

Tips on preparing for your photo shoot:

Please let your guests know there will be a photographer at the party. Depending on the party type (private vs corporate functions), quantity of guests and intended use of photos afterwards, it would be helpful to have guests who do not want to be photographed to have an identifying name tag so the photographer knows not to photograph them, or separate areas for photography. This can be discussed when planning and obtaining your shoot.

For onsite portraits and headshots:

On the day: The shooting site would be predetermined at the quoting stage or when you book your session. If you have a specific spot in mind, you will be asked to clarify the exact location beforehand. The photographer I will arrive early and request you do too, so you will not feel rushed or flustered. Estimated time listed in headshots packages is the approximate duration needed to take the specified images.

Tips on preparing for your headshot shoot and making the most of your shoot:

1. Regardless of the package you purchase, please bring a comb and small mirror with you on the day in case you need it.

2. Choose a well lit location preferably with good day lighting or at least even lighting, and a background of your choice. This can be your office, outside or a lobby if you want context in your photos. A plain background (such as fully white, black or grey) is not necessary unless you want it like that specifically.

3. Think about the kind of persona you would like to portray in your photo, practise in front of a mirror at home.


All cancellations made up to 24 hours before the session can get 100% of the deposit (photographer's fee) refunded, this does not include any applicable equipment hire or location booking fees. Cancellations made less than 24 hours will receive a maximum of 50% refund on a case by case basis. You may also choose to reschedule the same shoot at a different date, without being charged a new photographer's fee, other external fees may apply depending on external costs such as equipment hire. There are no refunds for pre-shoot in-person consultations if you decide not to continue to engage in our services.

In the event that you would like to cancel after the photographer arrives, or there are violations of the contract, there will be no refund of any amount paid.


1. How much do you charge per photo?

All package fees are for SHOOTING SERVICES. That means you get all the photos taken. After all, it makes more sense that way. Even though the copyright belongs to the photographer, it's just sad to have to pay extra for each photo you want to keep when the photos are already taken, they are of you, and the time already spent, so, you might as well have all the photos.

2. How many photos do I get from my party/personal portrait shoots?

That depends on the duration of your party and the number of guests you have at your party, and the style of shoot you want for your portrait. As a guide, a 25-30 people, 1 hour party shoot produces around 90 photos.

3. What rights do I have over a photo I commissioned?

The photographer holds copyright to photos taken. Plainly, this means the photographer has the right to do what they like with it, including selling or entering it into competitions. For private/personal shoots, you are allowed to do what ever you want with your photo as long as it is not for commercial use (ie, you are not allowed to sell it or use the image commercially such as eg merchandise (mugs, tshirts etc) or for corporate use such as but not limited to advertising, and cannot enter it in competitions since you did not take it. By using our services, for private and/or domestic shoots such as family/social shoots, you agree the copyright belongs to the photographer, however you are allowed to use it for domestic and private purposes such as sharing it with friends and family, but not for commercial use. Commissioned tourism shots copyright belongs to the photographer. Usage rights will be set out in individual licenses. Details will be set out in the contract.

4. Will I get to see the photos on site right after you shoot them?

For parties, this will be unlikely. If everyone wants to see all the photos after it is taken, there will be less time for shooting. It is also against our policy to have clients handle the camera, so guests will not be allowed to touch, grab or hold the camera. For headshots and portraits, the photographer will let you preview it on the digital camera screen to make sure you are happy with your image.